Friday, September 02, 2011

Just A Thought

Moms:  If you want to do something with lasting character qualities, teach your son to give his seat to a woman when no other is available.

Dads:  If you want to do something that your sons will remember, do the same: by example.

A guy gave me his seat on the bus today, and, I have to admit, 
 it pretty much made my day. 

See, what seems to be the typical response on the street to a girl walking down the street, is what I call the lyrics to the "Street Music."  You've already got the sound of tires squealing, cars racing to the next stop light, city buses striving to get ahead of one another (and still deal with their passengers)...then add in the lyrics to the music: car horns, taxi horns, bus horns, and motorcycle horns.  They're frequently used to help the person ahead of them go a little faster, but occasionally they are also used to let someone on the street say
"Hey, how you doin'?"
--Joey-style (from Friends.)  
So, today, I walked out of the house, bracing myself for the walk to the bus, the "Street Music", and the horns I would likely hear.  And when I got on the bus, it was standing room only.  I felt a tap on my shoulder, and a man was giving me his seat.

This was special.  This is not the cultural norm.  And all I could think was:

"He gave me his seat!"

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