Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Hey That's New! -----> -------> --------->

Thought you might like to notice a new feature.  If you read the blog, and would like to also get newsletters, here's your chance to sign up!  Click the Subscribe button on the side, & you'll start getting newsletters soon!

 Here's how it works:
1. Enter your email address in the box & click "Subscribe."
2. Go check the same email for an  email from "Carrie Martin" subject "Quarterly List."
3. Click on the button that says "Yes, subscribe me to this list."
         a. if it doesn't work, look for an area near the top of the email that says something similar to
             "Download Content"
         b. click the "Yes, subscribe me to this list" again
4. A window or tab shouldn't open that says "Subscription Confirmed."

From this point on, you'll receive email updates that I send out.  Enjoy!

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