Saturday, August 13, 2011

4000, 8000, 12000, 16000...

How quickly can you multiply & divide by 4,000? I'm learning! The currency in Paraguay is the "guarani." The current exchange rate is just below 4,000:1USD. It's not too bad when I can "cut off" the zeros at the end, much like they have on their money:
100 mil, 50 mil, 20 mil, 10 mil, 2mil

Then I can divide by 4! Last night I went grocery shopping, and I believe it will take me a while to see such large numbers on such small items!
For example:
1 liter of milk: 4,710
Oroweat Bread: 15,000
single-serving yogurt: 1,620
Rice: 4,500

I got quite a few more items, but my total at for the trip was 119,478 guaranies. The good news is that I'm a "millionaire!" (The total for the night was about $30USD.)

Pray for me as I become accustomed to new prices & new money!

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