Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Would You Pray?

Official house-hunting has begun. Here are just a few pictures of one apartment, to give you an idea of what I'm looking at. This particular apartment has a lot of pluses, but also some parts I'm just not sure about. The pictures I'm showing you are just "interesting" things about the house--not necessarily a plus or a minus. Hope you enjoy seeing what a typical Paraguayan house may have in it! :-)

This is the apartment from the outside.Each room has one door to the patio & one connecting the room on either side of it. It's four rooms long, right to left: kitchen, hallway/future room?, study/living area, and bedroom. The bathroom is off the study room.
This is a "placar" (plah-car). It's built into the wall, and is right across from the bathroom.
This is the showerhead, with the electric water heater built right onto it.
"Pull the plug" has a different connotation here--there's a little string hanging from the tank, and you pull that to gravity-flush the toilet.
The kitchen has a very large hood for over the stove, and a possible hook-up for a washer.
And this, well, honestly, is a plus. :-) The courtyard that all the doors & windows open up to have a gorgeous view of all these plants. Would you believe this is in downtown Asuncion?

Please be praying as I consider this apartment and other options. Contracts here are generally for a year, and breaking the contract can be difficult or costly.

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Tori said...

Well, that doesn't look too bad. I will definitely pray for you as you decide where is best for you to live.