Wednesday, April 27, 2011


I hope you all had a great Easter weekend! A friend and I traveled to Louisiana for the long weekend, and we were able to fit in quite a lot in 5 days!

The dogwoods are out all over Missouri

I was able to see my nephew Cooper for a few days

I hid this egg, and I was surprised at how quickly it was found!

All the kids searching for eggs (Cooper was asleep)

Wednesday, April 06, 2011

Post #300...And Tribal Training with 2 Year Olds

Today we took our little MKs (missionary kids) to the soccer field across the road from our classroom. This is Abby and I with all 8 of our kids (one is hiding!)

MKs are usually pretty good at climbing, and here one is starting up the goal post.

They're also usually pretty good at soccer--check out those moves!

And of course, someone has to play keeper (and since they're 2, it's mostly "keep away")
Abby brought her rooster, Tapatio, out to play. The kids were all skittish at first.

Then they got pretty comfortable with him!

And even wanted to feed him grass.

Here's a little video--they were thrilled to be getting dirty!

Sunday, April 03, 2011

Once Upon A Time...

...a little girl cried and cried because she was very sick. She was so sick she could not go with her friends on a youth trip--and they were going to see "Tait" that year. When she found out her youth group was sitting on the ground floor after six years of nosebleed balcony seats, she was very disappointed. She got better, but always hoped that someday she would be able to see Tait.

Well, last night she did! Some friends and I went to WinterJam last night, and we got to see about 8 Christian artists play. To close out the night, Newsboys, with their new lead singer Michael Tait, played a montage of songs including DCTalk & Newsboys songs. It was so fun to watch! In this picture they were all on elevated platforms, some out over the audience.

Jason Castro started out the evening. He was on American Idol a few years back, when I lived in Louisiana with my dear friend, Granny Allen. She'd be disappointed to see he still has his dreadlocks! :-)