Wednesday, April 06, 2011

Post #300...And Tribal Training with 2 Year Olds

Today we took our little MKs (missionary kids) to the soccer field across the road from our classroom. This is Abby and I with all 8 of our kids (one is hiding!)

MKs are usually pretty good at climbing, and here one is starting up the goal post.

They're also usually pretty good at soccer--check out those moves!

And of course, someone has to play keeper (and since they're 2, it's mostly "keep away")
Abby brought her rooster, Tapatio, out to play. The kids were all skittish at first.

Then they got pretty comfortable with him!

And even wanted to feed him grass.

Here's a little video--they were thrilled to be getting dirty!

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Tori L. said...

Aw...they're cute!
Everyone else might know this, but I don't and I hope you don't mind me asking. Why do you watch 2 year old MKs? Are their parents training for the mission field or something? Just wondering!! :)