Sunday, September 28, 2008

Georgia & Kentucky

"The Varsity" is an Atlanta tradition (and restaurant) that Amber took me to.

It almost made driving in Atlanta rush hour acceptable.

It's a little foggy...but, I missed the Tennessee Welcome sign because I glanced at my phone:
"Layla Sage was born Thursday morning!"
Congratulations Dave & Katie!

Callahan's first time to Kentucky!

Thanks for all your prayers as I am traveling! I'll have more pictures soon to show of my time here with Sonya, Prices, and Kelleys.


Monday, September 22, 2008

Beginning the Countdown

You may have noticed the new countdown on the right side of the page, which counts in weeks. Well, today is 100 days until I head to Chihuahua--I'm almost in the double digits! (The last time I was excited about that I was 9!) The better part of these 100 days will be on the road: about 64 days! Please pray that I will be productive over the next 100 days as I prepare for arriving in Chihuahua, Mexico!

Onward--to Georgia

South Carolina


The drive here went well, and I have enjoyed spending time with my friend Amber. I was able to share with her Sunday school class yesterday, which was a lot of fun.

Next up: Kentucky!

Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Contemplations of the Pen

Someday I may learn (and comprehend) the cons of using a pen. It's irreversible--unless you get those fancy erasable pens they make for pen "learners." Pens come in many different colors and sizes, and I can organize better with color. Therefore, I use pens in various colors for my calendars. (Yes, plural...) But someday, I will learn that my calendar should be in pencil.

For various reasons, I've decided to not begin my two-month trip on Thursday. The trip is still on--I'm just skipping Florida for now. I'll begin with Atlanta, instead, and will be there Monday, if not sooner. Everything after that--at this point--is on as scheduled. So, Amendment #1 has occurred for the trip. (Should we keep track of the amendments?...I think so...)

Tomorrow night I'll be sharing with the youth group at Coats Baptist Church. I'm looking forward to this time to impact the lives of the young people. Please pray that I will have clarity of thought & wisdom as to how to best influence them. I'll put up some of what I share with them soon!

Thank you so much for your part of sharing the gospel Around The World!

Friday, September 05, 2008

"Hurricane's A-Comin'!"

That's a great line from The Little Mermaid...but I can't say I ever wanted to use it! Thankfully, we are not directly on the east coast, but we are expecting fair amounts of rain from TS Hanna. Then there's Ike...then there's Josephine...

Tomorrow at Coats Baptist we are having a women's conference. Would you please be in prayer for this event? Tonight TS Hanna is supposed to come into our area, bringing a lot of rain and wind. Please pray that this event will go on as scheduled, and that God will be working in the lives of the women who attend!