Saturday, November 24, 2012

It's a 110 in the sha-a-ade... I went to the open-air market at 4pm.  Okay, so technically it was only 100° today, but I'm pretty sure it was hotter.  Especially in the market.  Buying veggies.  I stopped to buy eggs, even though they weren't on the list, and thought you might like to see how they were packaged:

 And you know what, it works!  None broke until I got home and dropped one as I was storing them in The Rooster (on a side note, I haven't seen a white egg in nearly 16 months)

Here's everything I bought in the market today:
4 large cucumbers
4 green peppers
6 red peppers
8 carrots
12 stalks of chard
2 small stalks of celery
1 dozen eggs

total price: $6.25 USD

Thursday, November 22, 2012

Bandwagons and Thankfulness

I tend to not jump on bandwagons.  I generally try to let them pass without even looking, or gawk at the "train-wreck" that is passing by.  But sometimes, I reject bandwagons that are good--simply because "everyone else is doing it."  (I would be the last lemming on the cliff waving at all the others...)  

So, now, 22 days into the Facebook trend "Days of Thankfulness" I'm jumping on, and holding on it comes:

1--I am grateful for a family that supports me wherever I am, in whatever I do--unconditionally
2--I am grateful for the warm days of November (I'm upside down remember--southern hemisphere) and the fans and A/C that accompany them!
3--I am grateful for the friends God has given me in Paraguay and those spread out around the world
4--I am grateful for my friends (well, and those I don't know, too) who have gone into strange, unknown lands to make Jesus known where people have rejected him for thousands of years (Romans 1)
5--I am grateful for grandparents and parents who walk(ed) with the Lord
6--I am grateful that I've been blessed to live in countries where the gospel of Jesus Christ can be preached freely
7--I am grateful for the technology that makes language learning easier, and enables me to stay connected with family and friends
8--I am grateful for water that runs directly into my house and indoor plumbing
9--I am grateful that I have the Word of God in my heart language, and that I can read it in different versions for clarity
10--I am grateful for my nephew who is far away, and the near-by "nieces and nephews" that God has given me
11--I am grateful that a creative God made us in His image with the ability to be creative as well
12--I am grateful for my health
13--I am grateful that God counsels us and speaks to us if we will only listen
14--I am grateful for cameras which enable to us to capture memories
15--I am grateful for my "baby" brother who calls "just because"--no matter the hour
16--I am grateful for my Kindle which enables me to read in English in a non-English speaking country
17--I am grateful for public transportation--a money-saving tip I never knew in the U.S.!
18--I am grateful for surrogate families that God has given me with every move
19--I am grateful for Jesus Christ who died for my sin and took my place on the cross
20--I am grateful that Jesus is coming back soon! 
21--I am grateful for music and can't imagine what praising God for all eternity will look like (cue mind-blowing thoughts of what that will look like!)
22--I'm grateful for friends who tell me "We're going out for pizza on Thanksgiving, so you won't be missing your family!" 

...and that's just scratching the surface. 

(Now how does one get off this bandwagon?  Maybe I'll just stay on...)

Friday, November 09, 2012

Poured Out

I've been feeling poured out lately.  I had a few weeks where I felt filled up to overflowing, and by the end of the following week, I was tipping the "jar" which is Carrie and shaking it, looking up inside and wondering who would receive the blessing of that last little drop that clung to the bottom of the jar.  There are various reasons for being poured out--I've been studying Spanish almost consistently for about 15 months now, I'm with people a lot, I've never scheduled myself an official "day-off" within my week, and weekends are far from restful.  Add to that young women from church asking for Godly advice and wisdom--which requires that I be in a solid relationship with my Father in order to guide them to Him.  Maintaining relationships in Paraguay within the mission; from my local church here in Asuncion; churches, supporters, and friends around the world--it's very easy to feel poured out, used up, done.

But now what?

Now that the last drop is gone, the "jar" which is Carrie is completely empty--now what do I do?  Now I have a choice.  I let God fill me up again, or I keep doing all these same things in my strength.  And, seeing as how there's not much strength there (relatively speaking--we're talking about replacing my human strength with the strength of Jehovah Jireh, Jehovah Rafa, The Creator of the Universe...) I'm actively choosing to let God fill me again.  I know I'll feel this way again, used up and poured out.  Why?  Because that is why I am filled.  God doesn't fill us in order to be happy little jars filled to the brim.  He fills us so we can be poured out in the lives of others, edifying the Body of Christ.  

Have you been poured out lately?

Monday, November 05, 2012


 Well, I would like to say that October has "just flown by"--but then I realize the entire year has nearly flown by!  So I've decided to "nutshell" October in pictures:

A group of us went out for pizza to celebrate Hilda's birthday
Hilda, me, and Anahi
October held many goodbyes and tears as three missionaries
returned to the U.S.
One Sunday night a group of youth from our church came to visit
The guys ended up playing a game from when they were little
--jumping over each other