Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Back in NC

New great-grandbaby Caleb
Born Nov. 13

I am now back in North Carolina, having finally finished my two months of traveling.  During the two months I visited in 6 states, stayed with 15 friends and family, and was able to share with 6 churches.  Thank you so much for your prayers as I traveled!

In Him--Carrie

Thursday, November 13, 2008

Portraits by Will (More from Saturday)

Cousin Elliott taking pictures
"Pappy" massaging Mommy's pregnant feet
"Pappy Roy" in the kitchen

"Pappy Roy's" sister Rosie & friend Pauline

If you ever want to experience a new point-of-view, give a six-year old a disposable camera! :-)

Saturday, November 08, 2008

Family Time!

With Mini-Me: Abby & Carrie

Abby & Will flying through the air!

"Andrew, are you cold?"
"No, the leaves are keeping me warm!"

Andrew didn't have good "playground" shoes

Toucan Sam hasn't changed much in 20 years!

Les & Elliott, Mark & Charlotte, Rob, Kris, & Me

Myrtle, Keith, Joel, Nikki, Rob

With Charlotte--the baby "great" for 5 more days!

Abby on the banister

One last picture with my mini!

Thursday, November 06, 2008

A Few More Travels

I've had the chance to see a lot more of my family!  Here are a few more pictures of my travels:

This was my first view when I pulled into Pappy's:
Last year's gourd crop!

I always try to go to PenMar Park with Pappy when I'm here. 
We were looking for places in town that we recognized.

Sandwich anyone?
Pap's neighbor asked if I would help with her Christmas trees
for the Christmas parade.

This Saturday I'll get to see most of the local extended family.  I can't wait to see everyone!