Thursday, September 15, 2011

Chores: 101

 Some of you ask me what a regular day looks like for me.  Well, that doesn't exactly exist.  Sometimes a fairly regular week passes by, but, overall, I stay pretty busy.  It's pretty nice when "hanging out with people" is basically your "job."  So, I thought I'd show you what some chores look like for me.  Today you'll get a brief glimpse of laundry.  I haven't done laundry much since moving to my own house, because, honestly, I don't like to!

 I frequently start out my chores-ritual by making sure I have the Spanish recordings I want to listen to.  This way I can wander around the house without losing my focus on the audio coming out of the computer.

Then I download them onto my iPod.  I plug myself into the iPod, and I'm ready for the chores!

For laundry, I haul my wash up the stairs to my neighbor's house.  She's been really great, and is letting me use her washer until I buy my own.   The plus, is that I don't have to scrub my clothes out by hand. After the clothes go through a wash cycle, I wring them out, drain the water out of the washer, and refill it with clean water for the rinse cycle.  I try to unwrinkle the clothes a little, and add them back into the washer.  After a brief rinse, I wring the clothes out again and drain the water, or add soap for a second load.

Then I go outside to hang up my laundry on the line.  After a few hours, I can usually bring it inside & put it away.

 I'm looking forward to getting my automatic washer in a few weeks.  I'm thankful that they make them here, and my days of wringing out my clothes are short!

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