Thursday, September 08, 2011

A Tour of the House

 I just realized today that I haven't given you a tour of my house since I've moved in.  There's still a lot of progress to be made, but this way you can know what life is like right now.

This is my kitchen.  Don't judge me by the floor--that's about as clean as it gets.
  I'm working on triangular curtains for the window.

Here's the other half of the kitchen, and you can see through the living room & into the study, too.  Right now I'm borrowing the landlady's two-burner electric stove, which has been working quite nicely.  I'll probably buy a stove in October, and I'd like to get a washer later this month.

This is the living room--it has the highest ceiling in the house.  I'm also hoping to get a small sofa & two chairs for this room either this month or next month.

This is my study room/exercise room. 

My bedroom, with the orange mattress. :-)  

Hope you enjoyed the tour!  I'll probably have another tour when I have everything set up--maybe by the New Year you'll see This Old House again!

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