Monday, September 19, 2011

Today, I had a choice

Today I decided to go to the hardware store to buy supplies for a project.  What project?  The drain under the kitchen sink is open (well, unless the brick is over it...) and the drain from my future washer will drain into this open hole.  I went to the hardware store down the block to get what I thought I needed: 2 1/2 meters of PVC pipe, 2 elbows, plumbery glue, and a saw. 

The man that owns the store has helped me before, in buying adapters for plugs & straight razor blades for scraping excessive amounts of paint off the windows.  He has a brother living in North Carolina, so he likes to talk to me about NC. 

Today I went in mentally prepared with my list, and he showed me some different items.  When we both knew that I wanted pipe to drain the washer (not load it...that was my fault!) he showed me some flexible tubing with an elbow built onto the end.  We agreed I would need two for the distance, then I asked about glue.  My culture says that plumbing needs to be glued in order to keep the water in the pipe. 

He pulled out a box with this little connectors, and searched through until he found the size he was looking for.  He showed me that this plastic connector would seal off the two pipes. 

I immediately had a choice.
Trust the man who has been doing this his entire life
do it my way because I "had plans" already.

I bought the flexible tubing.  I bought the little plastic connector.  I bought zip-ties to connect the tubing to the other pipes.  And laughed at my plans.

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