Tuesday, July 21, 2009

VBS: DAY 1--check

Day one for VBS went very well here in Chihuahua. We had a "growing group" throughout the evening, and ended up with around 25 kids. As many of you know, Monday is only the beginning, and we will continue to grow throughout the week!

Here are some of the kids learning the first song "Nunca Olvidaremos" (We Will Never Forget) This year's curriculum is from Esther.
Here are some of our middle group--probaby from 7-8 or 9 years old--making Mordecai's and Esther dolls. Last night the task was to paint the head and the top half of the bottle and glue on little hands. Some of the kids ended up painting half of themselves, too!
And what would VBS be without a little "event". A not-so-happy citizen threw this rock over the wall into our open air room. I managed to catch it with my lips! I have all my teeth, nothing broken, just two fat lips and a little soreness.

Please keep praying for these kids. One class had three Mormon girls in it. When describing Mordecai, one boy asked, "Is he Catholic?" There is quite a diverse group, and many of these kids are unsaved. Please pray specifically that the Holy Spirit will work in their hearts, and that these precious children will see a need for God in their lives!

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Becky Aguirre said...

So sorry about that rock! Reminds of Larry's Love my Lips song, now you can make up a song of your own! So glad you are having a good time so far...hope the rest of the week goes smoothly (well, as smoothly as possible...)