Wednesday, July 08, 2009

A Little Confusion

It's July, and what does July always mean?
Vacation Bible School.

The ladies at my church here in Chihuahua have asked me to help with VBS at the end of the summer. I agreed, yet simultaneously wondering how I could fit in. I'm used to teaching or helping to teach--and I am definitely not ready for that yet! So the lady in charge of the music asked if I would come and learn the music and the motions. I thought--yes! I can do motions in any language!

So yesterday I went to practice, and watched the professional children do all the hand motions, steps (yes, their feet were moving, too!), and, generally, just dance around the stage. The kids looked great, and the other helpers did a great job also--this was not their first practice. I couldn't really understand most of the words, and finally asked to borrow the lyrics. There was this one song that really confused me, the chorus certainly couldn't be saying what I thought it was saying:

Tú gracia es mi Oxxo
Tú gracia es muy cerca

Translation of what I heard:
Your grace is my Oxxo (the local Circle K)
Your grace is very close

After getting the lyrics, I discovered the true meaning:

Tú gracia es me alcanza
Tú gracia es me salvo

Translation of true lyrics:
Your grace reaches to me
Your grace saves me

It was pretty difficult to even understand the motions for the songs, as I don't really know what the lyrics are! Please pray with me for our upcoming VBS at La Mision Dios Con Nosotros (God With Us Mission Church) at the end of July. Please also pray that we will find a way that I can fit in using what Spanish I know!

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Becky Aguirre said...

And they will love you for even trying! That's what counts the mostest...