Sunday, July 19, 2009

I Freckle in the Paint

I forgot to take a picture yesterday before cleaning up, but I was completely freckled in yellow paint! I'll be moving next month into a new house, and yesterday I saw my landlady painting. I told her I liked to paint, and asked if I could help when I got back from the store. She finally let me help after warning me that my clothes would get paint on them. :-) I did my best to explain that I painted for two years while I was in the training...I think I got most of the message across! After painting the ceiling and three walls a light yellow, she let me pick out the color for the fourth wall. She had about 10 cans of paint to chose from, and I chose a bright green. When we got it open, we discovered that at some point someone had added black to it and it was dark green! She declared the color "triste" (sad), so we found some other small amounts of greens and concocted our own green. The color turned out well, and we scheduled next Saturday for painting together again! God provided a great opportunity to spend three hours with a Spanish speaker on an otherwise empty Saturday!

This week we start VBS at church. I'll be helping Monday and Tuesday with the craft: we're making Mordecai and Esther out of Coke bottles, material, yarn, paint, and googley eyes! I'll be sure to put a picture up later. Thanks in advance for your prayers about VBS!

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Becky Aguirre said...

I am glad to hear that the work is being done on your "house"!!!! :) Yay!