Friday, September 21, 2012

The Zoo

 Wednesday I got to take a "vacation day" and go to the local zoo with friends.  It was super quiet at the zoo, and we walked around for hours just looking at all the animals and then having a picnic lunch while watching monkeys, deer, capybara, and birds in a "natural" habitat. 

Tapir, often considered "All the leftovers from Creation in one animal!"
Emu or Ñandu--Each time we walked past he's show off

We got to the hippos just in time for lunch, so they were out of the water

Moto-Moto (okay, not his real zoo name!) in action--check out those teeth!

This little guy would hold on with his tail and swing down for a little drink.

This elephant is 40 years old!  A worker told us that she's protective of the tire like a boyfriend or her child--if they try to touch it, she'll attack them!

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