Sunday, September 30, 2012

Many Moons Ago

When I was little, I always enjoyed looking at my dad's pictures and news articles from his high school and college soccer games and wrestling matches.  There was one picture in particular etched in my memory, of Dad in full-kick and it was perfectly a goal he made during the game.  Yesterday was our church's annual soccer tournament, and, like last year, I planned to take pictures--and was hoping for one really good one!  Leave comments below to let me know your favorite!

Before the first game--still fresh!  9:30am

Team work to get the goals

Diego, Goalie

A very zoomed-in picture, but it was a great shot!

After Chino's goal

Chino, Scorer



Carlitos with good footwork

Carlitos again :-)

Capi, Defense

Kali--flying in the air!

Our guys' team at church won out of the 8 churches in the tourney!
Better than watching 9 soccer games yesterday and managing to take over 800 pictures in one day--was seeing these same guys worshiping the Lord this morning at church. Last night after the tournament, we all went back to the church to grill out.  The pastor asked "So how many goals did each of you make?"  Each guy went around the circle counting--"5," "8," "1" (the penalty kick that one the entire tournament!), "1" (the only goal made by a header,)...and the last guy, one who played almost the entire day?  "I didn't count."  The humility of these guys was impressive.  Everyone had a great day!

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