Saturday, May 16, 2009

Mother's Day

Me, Silvia, and Dorothy
For Mother's Day, the girls at church presented the mothers with potted flowers.  Judit was trying to explain to me which mom was mine to give my flower to.
The boys and husbands sang a song to the moms in church.

I was told that Mother's Day was a big holiday here, but I didn't realize just how big it is!  Traditionally, sons go around in groups Saturday night and sing to their moms.  I knew they tried to get a "head start" on the holiday and basically celebrate all day long.  I was going to bed at 12 Saturday night and heard the music start up!  One groups started in the neighborhood behind my house.  So I was serenaded to sleep as the party was starting.  
Then at church Sunday, the boys sang a song and the girls gave the moms flowers.  Afterwards the church had a taco restaurant cater lunch.  We had tacos, salad, and a large cake.  The moms at the church were treated and pampered all day!

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