Friday, May 08, 2009

Butterflies and Caterpillars

This morning in class, we were talking about who we are in Christ.  This may be the biggest thing that has stuck with me from Bible school.  I love to look at Ephesians 1 and see who I am in Christ: blessed with every spiritual blessing (v.3), chosen (v.4), holy and blameless before him (v.4), adopted (v. 5), in the Beloved (v.6), redeemed (v.7), forgiven (v.7), co-inheritors with Christ (v.11), and we are the praise of His glory! (v.12)  These are only a few of the qualities we as Christians have now that we are hidden in the life of Christ.  I love to think of these things, and know without a doubt that these things are my Truth!  This is who I am, my past, and my future.

We often think of "transformation" in the picture of a butterfly.  We all know that caterpillars go into a cocoon, and reveal themselves as butterflies.  I learned something new about butterflies today, that I want you to really think about (even if this is not new to you!)  A caterpillar does not merely sprout wings to become a butterfly.  While in his cocoon, he melts down completely and is truly transformed from one being to another.  He has aspects of his old caterpillar-being, but he is now a new being.  So much so that he receives a new name--butterfly!  

Consider the spiritual application here--before Christ we were separated from God (Eph. 2:12) and condemned by works of the flesh (Rom. 8:3).  Now that we are IN CHRIST, we are together with Christ: co-inheritors in fact! (Eph. 1: 11)  In contrast to our "before Christ" days, we are also created in Christ Jesus for good works (Eph. 2:10).  In these two ways, we see how being in Christ has drastically transformed us from one being to another--once separated, now together; one condemned by works of the flesh, now created for good works!  

Feel like you're in "melt-down" mode lately?  Maybe you're right where God wants you!  Consider who you are in Him, read Ephesians, or check to see where you can find "in Him" or "in Christ" in your Bible.  I promise, you'll be encouraged at what you find! 

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