Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Goodbye, Tonsils!

Well, there's the proof: there's a living room inside my head.

Okay, so not really! :-)  Monday, May 25th, I'll be having a tonsillectomy and I was required to go have blood work and an x-ray of my head.  Between the two, I spent less than $50 at the lab!  Hard to believe when compared to the cost difference in the States!  

Please pray for this surgery, that it will go well, and that the doctor will be successful at taking out the tonsils.  I have met with the doctor twice now, and he is very fluent in English.  This has helped a lot in reassuring me about the surgery!  My roommate Tanya will be with me to help with any necessary translation on Monday, and she plans to stay with me for a few days until I am better.  

Thank you ahead of time for lifting this surgery up to the Lord!

Resting in Him,

PS--Don't be alarmed, there are not weird objects in my head, just furniture in the living room on the other side of the x-ray! :-)


Melissa said...

What a crazy picture! That's so funny that we can see through your head! =)
I'll be praying everything goes smoothly and that you recover with no additional issues.

Becky Aguirre said...

That's hilarious! And I know just where it was taken...lol! Will be praying for your surgery and recovery!!!