Thursday, April 30, 2009

From Mexico

I would like to calm your fears about what you may be hearing in the news!   

Mexico City has been in the news lately due to the recent H1N1 flu outbreak. The country of Mexico has closed schools and large events through Wednesday, May 6th. As of today, Thursday, my classes are not cancelled, because we are a very small program.  Because we work mainly on a one-on-one basis, we as students are given the right to cancel our own classes or language helper sessions at any time.  For now, I am continuing most of my classes and sessions, as I and the ladies I work with are healthy.   The leadership of the mission here in Mexico are monitoring the situation very closely, and will make any necessary moves to protect us. I know many of you are concerned about me being in Mexico during this time.  A reminder, I am in Chihuahua City, approximately a 24 hour drive from Mexico City.  This is like the difference between Dallas and Washington D.C.  
I say all this to calm your fears, but I do not want you to stop praying for the situation here!  Pray also for the fears of the Mexican people.  Many are very afraid of getting this flu.  I have plans to travel to El Paso in a few weeks because my 6-month visa will be expiring soon.  (I can hardly believe I've been here that long already!  Time flies...)  Please pray for this upcoming trip.  More details and dates to follow!  I thank you for your prayers during this time! 

Healthy and washing my hands,
Carrie :-)

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Melissa said...

You changed your blog name too!? Ahh, i don't know if i can handle all this change all at once! J/K it looks great.

I'm glad you're safe there in Mexico. Mexico is a big country!
Praying for you!