Saturday, April 25, 2009

8 Things for Melissa

My friend Melissa tagged me to make a list of "8s":

8 Things I Look Forward To

1. Holding Cooper David
2. Being fluent in Spanish
3. A tonsillectomy
4. My birthday week
5. My (almost) daily avocado
6. Talking to my best friend
7. Getting to Paraguay
8. Cream of Wheat

8 Things I Did Yesterday 
1. Wore my guachos
2. Had a language session with Luisa
3. Went to my Esther Bible study
4. Took a nap
5. Walked to Green Gate for a Coke
6. Went to a Hawaiian party
7. Ate shishkabobs
8. Went to bed

8 Things I Wish I Could Do:
1. Skydive
2. Go to Ireland
3. Go snorkeling
4. Be in all 50 states at least once
5. Walk a log bridge without falling
6. Swim well
7. Go on a roadtrip
8. Explain the love of Christ in another language

8 Shows I Watch:
I don't really watch too many TV shows, so this doesn't count...but I do follow Lost.

1 comment:

Melissa said...

Hi Carrie, i like your list. I wish i knew you liked cream of wheat, i could have put some in your package.
We don't have it here in N.Ireland either.
And you can have the chocolate cake in three minuets if you just click on those words above the picture on our blog.
We used a really big mug. But you can use a smaller one. It might look like it's going to over flow but it won't.