Saturday, March 07, 2009

My Language Teacher

 With my teacher Yoshi

Yoshi is a great language teacher!  She puts up with my Spanish Tuesdays through Thursdays.  We work one-on-one Tuesdays for an hour, drilling through nouns, verbs, and adjectives.  On Wednesdays we "go to town!"  Last week we rode the bus downtown, and took the long way back.  We got to see a LOT of Chihuahua!  On Thursdays we have a two-hour one-on-one session together.  Thursdays we work on nouns and verbs from our outing on Wednesdays.  Yoshi is very patient to listen to my broken Spanish, and to correct my pronunciation (this happens quite regularly!)  

Yoshi wants to be a missionary also.  She wants to start at a university this fall to get a bachelors degree and continue on into missionary training.  Would you pray for her as she makes these plans, and as she teaches me Spanish? 

Carrie and Yoshi

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