Tuesday, March 24, 2009

A Crazy-full Day

I have some pictures to post for you, but don't really have the time today.  I did want to quickly tell you about my crazy-full day!  

After waking up this morning, I began load one of my laundry.  I got showered and ready for the day, and went outside to hang up Load 1 and start Load 2.  By the time I had Load 1 hung, half the clothes were nearly dry.  "I have stuff to do--I'll get them later."  I came back inside to eat breakfast and plan for two language sessions (one with Yoshi, and one with Luisa.)  I made three eggs, slapped a piece of Kraft American cheese on top, and ate it.  I tried planning, and couldn't focus on anything past the first 5 minutes: "Practice Pronunciation: read list of "b" and "v" words, then read "s" words."  I remembered Load 2.  While hanging up Load 2, a fellow missionary came by to visit with my downstairs neighbor for "Coffee Day."  I talked for a few minutes, before excusing myself to go try planning more.  Halfway through short conversation, I think: "You should plan better Mondays so you can actually GO to Coffee Day downstairs.  And you haven't brushed your teeth yet...'Well, ladies, I need to go finish planning!' "  I get upstairs and wash my dishes, brush my teeth, look at the clock and realize I should already have printed my plans.  I have 10 minutes to get the items and books I need (hm, what DO I need?--still haven't planned!) before heading out the door.  I get to class and read my lists for pronunciation.  I stretched those into 10 minutes.  Only 50 minutes left... "Hey have I told you about my family?  No?  Okay, here they are..."  I spent most of the next 50 minutes with Yoshi telling her about one side of my family, quizzing her (yes, she got the right answers) on types of weather, and asking her "Are you wearing a skirt today?  Are you wearing flip flops?" almost entirely in Spanish!  I was so excited!  I have 30 minutes now to prepare for my session with Luisa at 12:30, but then I walk into the main room and see a friend that I haven't been able to talk with one-on-one for a while.  So I decide, I'll just wing it with Luisa, too!  Had a nice chat with "mi amiga" until she realized it was time for her class and Luisa showed up.  Luisa arrived, and I did similar things with her. OH!  And for Luisa, I was able to quote Psalm 100 for her, because I had also done verse 5 with Yoshi.  It took me nearly 6 weeks, but I memorized a chapter of scripture in Spanish!  After my session with Luisa, I quickly went back to my dorm and went shopping with a friend for food.  First we went to "Super Amigo" for produce, because it is less expensive there.  Run into a lady while squeezing grapefruits who is also disgusted with their squishiness.  But she told me in Spanish.  I apologized for not being able to understand.  Turns out okay, she's learning English and wants to practice.  I get to practice my Spanish, she practices her English, and we find some not-quite-as-squishy grapefruits.  Next stop, a small convenient-type store for tortillas.  Next stop was Soriana, an almost Wal-Mart, for the rest of our food.  I went shopping while my friend tried to get money out of one of the three ATMs on that side of the store.  (This mission failed, the ATM would not produce money.)  We got all our stuff, and put our things on the conveyor belt at the front of the store.  I gave the cashier my Soriana card, and said I wanted to use my points (this means I get a discount on certain products.)  I paid for my food, tipped my bagger, and we headed out to the truck.  A man came to help the two of us (able-bodied 20-somethings) load the truck.  This man helps you leave your parking spot by "stopping traffic" for you and guiding you out.  Then you tip him for his help.  We got back to the dorm, and I frantically threw my cold items in the fridge and freezer.  My roommate made chicken chimichangas, and I ate two of those.  As I was finishing (forgetting why I had rushed to begin with) the downstairs neighborboy came to the door asking if I was going to the  monthly Ladies Meeting with his mom.  OH!  That's why I was in a hurry!  Washed my dishes, grabbed my Bible, ran out the door.  We got to the gate at the mission base and didn't know how to get in, because the mission is in the process of changing security gates.  We had a card to wave in front of the magic card reader, but the window doesn't roll down on that side.  Out of the van, get the card read, and hurry through the gate.  Get to the ladies meeting, and hear music, "Are we late? They always start so on time!"  Only 6 ladies are upstairs, and 2 are practicing for the singing.  Oh good, we're not late this time!  Stay after the meeting to chat with ladies, and walk out of the building to leave.  "Where's the van?!  My van is gone!"  So we walk home, and decide we need to stop at a tienda for milk, Diet Pepsi, and one more since forgotten item.  We pay our 18 pesos (approximately $1.25) and go on our way.  I see Load 1 and 2 still hanging on the line.  I run upstairs to grab my hamper, and see all the dry products I bought at Soriana patiently waiting on the kitchen floor.  I grab Loads 1 and 2, and go ahead and half-fold them outside because I don't expect to have time this evening.  While outside the van returns to the house driven by the husband of downstairs neighbor.  I come back to my room and see two boxes I got in the mail today that I'd forgotten about!  (Yea, crazy enough that I forgot I got MAIL!)  I opened one at the school, so I open the other.  A juicer (!) some green tea, a little honey, yogurt covered raisins, flavored coffee, a little Nutella, a monthly planner for 2009, and a notebook.  (Note to self, thank God for the Gills!  Then thank Gills!)  Sit and try to relax a few minutes.  Realize I've been on the go since I got up.  Make a mental list of musts: Blog still needs updated.  Can't get to computer for mess on desk--need to put craft supplies away.  Clean up packaging supplies from box 1.  Re-open and put away box 2: Magazine, very cute card from everyone in the family, 25 tiny Cetaphil lotion samples I can carry with me, Skittles, Cream of Wheat, and pretty laminated Bible verses.  (Note to self: Thank God for Langdons!  Thank Langdons!)  Hm, dry food products are still on the kitchen floor.  Wonder how many roommates care?  3 out of 3?  But I really want to try out this juicer!  It is now 7:30 PM, and I'm ready for bed.  Maybe the groceries will put themselves away, and when I wake up tomorrow Load 1 and 2 will be on hangars?  Guess I should get on that.  Hope you enjoyed my Crazy-full day!  

**Disclaimer: THIS IS NOT NORMAL!**

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Becky Aguirre said...

Yep, a crazy-full day! Hope tomorrow goes a bit more smoothly? Maybe? :)