Thursday, March 06, 2008

Spring has SPRUNG!! ...amended...

When people ask me what my favorite season is, I can never think of the "right" answer. I love winter (in certain areas of the world more than others) because the snow is pretty--when you don't have to shovel it. I love fall, because the colors of the leaves change and the air gets brisk. I love the summer, because I like to feel the heat of the sun. I like spring, because the flowers begin to bloom, and I love to watch the trees go from branches to buds to leaves. When people ask me the question though, I can't remember the feeling I get when I see the first green buds and colorful blossoms! I LOVE SPRING!

The day after this article, it snowed 3 inched here in Shreveport like I have never seen before in the South.

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Elijah's Mommy said...

Snow!? Wow, so much for your spring dreams. =)