Monday, April 30, 2007

Some Thoughts on God

I've never really put any "theological" thoughts on here, but tomorrow morning it's my turn to share the devotions in our linguistics course. I thought maybe I would share some things with you all, too. These are just a few thoughts I have come across in the past few years.

If language is reflecting deeply the image of God, don't expect it to be simple, now or ever -- nor for any theory to exhaust it. Language is complicated, because language has its source in person. --Kenneth L. Pike, Summer Institute of Language

Since we are analyzing many different languages, this is especially important to me right now. There have been languages that I don't understand, and it has been hard for me to realize that I may not understand why the language functions a certain way. I have had to accept that I don't understand the language, yet at the same time recognizing that this language works. People use it and understand it on a daily basis. It may not work the way I expect it to, and I may not get it to fit into a "pattern" I know.
A.W. Tozer wrote, "What God is, He is without boundaries. All that God is, He is without bounds or limits...There is nothing boundless but God and nothing infinite but God." Praise God that this is true! How does language fit into this? God has created languages with boundaries, each fitting into patterns within itself. God has created this languages with predictability! What a comfort that is, along with the presence of the Holy Spirit, as our class learns to analyze these problems! The work goes from impossible to possible, from struggle to blessing, from trying to tried.

  • Tuesday morning I have my "Welcome to NTM" interview. This is a time when I get to meet with a couple from Headquarters and ask each other questions.
  • The next 20 days are packed as I finish out the semester. Please pray that I will finish strong as I continue learning how to analyze languages, say goodbye to classmates who will be overseas as early as August, and prepare for a month of travelling after graduation.
Love, Carrie

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Dave & Katie said...

Good thoughts Carrie. I enjoyed reading them.