Sunday, April 15, 2007

Linguistics has begun!

I used to look at my grandpa's four-color pen in amazement --how did they get FOUR colors into ONE pen?! If only they could make four crayons in one...
Well, I am discovering now that four-color pens are of great use in linguistics. Linguistics is a course to teach us how to analyze a given language. The manner we are learning, is to circle different areas of the language in different colors. Amazingly enough, yes, the same colors that are in the "magic" four-color pen from my childhood!
We are moving into a stage that has more homework, approximately two hours each evening. Please be praying for me as my schedule is adjusted to two hours of homework! Also, I have been filling out the proper paperwork for becoming a member of NTM as of June 2007. Please pray that I would make wise decisions.

Have a great week!

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