Tuesday, April 10, 2007

Easter in Shreveport

I was blessed to be able to visit Shreveport this weekend. Though it was colder than I expected, Sunday morning was beautiful over the lake. As I would tell people here at school where I was going, they were confused that I would go where my parents weren't. I was able to share that my church is family, just as my parents and brother are. Thank you all for making me feel at home in your homes! It was so great to see you all and visit. Autumn and I had a safe trip home, and thank you for your prayers. Here's a picture from the Natural Bridge in Arkansas:
This week our class will divide into two groups: those staying for linguistics and those who are going home to start partnership development. Please pray for us all, that we would all finish strong. The second group is winding down as their training with NTM is coming to an end. The group of us staying for linguistics is just getting started! We will be focusing on how to analyze a language. Thank you for your prayers!


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