Wednesday, August 30, 2006

We've had visitors!!!

This week has been phonetic-ful. There are a few sounds that I'm not familiar with that are harder to form.
But what you'll be really excited to hear about are our visitors this past week. Thursday night we were sitting in our living room and kept hearing something hit the picture window. Each time we would get up and go outside, we couldn't see anything. I finally went out with the light off, and who did I find?
This huge thing was quite stunned and laid outside until the next day when our 2 year old neighbor boy found it in his bucket. I'm not sure which was more scared, but it brought quite a crowd!
Friday I went to WalMart with Noah, my 18 month old jungle camp neighbor. He was very amused in the fish aisle (more so with the lobsters in the sea food, but he's not old enough to understand that's food!) While we were there we bought a red beta fish. This is Mr. Wilson:

Saturday evening Sammy came over to visit with his mom. They made smoothies, and he got to watch The Polar Express. This is a picture of my roommate Sonya and Sammy eating their smoothies.

Please continue to pray for my classes in phonetics. My afternoon work detail this week is painting the trim in the lobby of the main office building. Yesterday we spackled, so today we're going to try to paint it all so it doesn't look like Dalmatian spots!

Love, Carrie