Sunday, August 19, 2012


With my friend Hilda at 5am waiting for the surgery.  She's been faithfully at my side since 4am Tuesday morning!

With my friend Anahi, one of 8 visitors at the hospital

I had flowers waiting for me when I got back in my room!

Downtown Asuncion--the view from my room.  My house is somewhere to on the left side of the picture.

My sweet friend sent me no-bake cookies.  I've been on a strict diet--but no one said I couldn't smell them!

Thank you so much for praying during the surgery and for the recuperation.  Today (Sunday) I definitely feel better, but still sore.  Praising God for antibiotics, pain medicine, and faithful friends who are taking turns staying with me, cooking me food, and even getting up with me in the middle of the night to take my medicine.  Thankful for the body of Christ this week!

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