Thursday, June 14, 2012

Birthday Bash

 It's traditional here in Paraguay to invite your friends or family over for asado.  A friend came over Friday evening and helped me clean the house and get things ready.  Then we watched a movie while I finished sewing the giant bean bag chair.  (I had no idea it would be so huge!!)  On Saturday morning I went with a friend to the grocery store and got everything we need for the asado from meat to paper products.  We made it out of the store for under $100USD, which I thought was pretty impressive for the amount of meat we bought!  I got things ready on Saturday, so that on Sunday after church we could all sit around and visit.

 The asado: wish you all could have come!

Praying for the meal

 Alicia and I shared our birthday, because hers was the day after mine.  We put (almost) enough candles on the cake for the both of us!  After a minor bonfire we got to taste the cake. :-) 

Afterwards we sat around talking until about 9 pm when everyone had to leave.

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Melissa G. said...

I'm so glad the cake didn't burn up with all those candles on top of it!!! =)