Thursday, June 14, 2012


In May the mission hosted a two-week long conference on discourse analysis. 

"So...what exactly does that mean?" you're wondering.

That's how we all felt, too!  A few months ahead of time, we were told to ask friends for stories.  I recorded a few different stories, one about a strike that a friend's little brother did at school when he was 10, a legend about a certain flower, one about a traditional character that tries to get into heaven, and the Joseph story from Genesis.  It was hard at first to choose just one, but in the end I chose the legend about the flower.

In the mornings we had about 4 hours of lecture: (I'm in the third row along the right wall)

In the afternoons we had opportunities for one-on-one time with different co-workers.  This lady gave most of the conference and helped us all to understand how to analyze what a person is saying and how they put the "big chunks" together.  For example, stories versus recipes.

 I set up shop in the corner and got to work.  I really enjoy this kind of work, and look forward to possible doing it in the tribe one day.  This time I used Spanish, and put it into an Excel chart to categorize all the different parts of the gets crazy-technical from there!

Representing over five countries of service, and many new brothers and sisters in Christ:

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