Thursday, October 13, 2011

Some Electric Work

Great news: Thursday I finally bought a fan!  It hadn't been too hot in the house just yet, so I was able to wait a while.  Here I am, happy with my new fan:
The down side, is that when I was trying to plug it in on Saturday night,  the prong on the plug broke.  Out of desperation, I figured I would try super glue, but that didn't work--it blocked the connection.  So I consulted two friends, and decided I had a new project on my hands...
 ...change the plug on the fan!  I'd never done this before, so it was pretty interesting, but not very difficult.
 Trying to get the little wires underneath the little screws
 This is what the inside of the new plug looks like:
 And this is what a happy Carrie looks like!  You can't tell, but the fan is plugged in & running in this picture.

It's been nice to have a fan running while sleeping to block out the music from the bar down the street!

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