Wednesday, October 19, 2011


 Saturday night I hosted the youth/singles group here at my house.  We had a church service, and a "chorizada" with chorizo (a sausage-type meat.)  We had around 25 people coming and going through the evening.  One friend came early to help me wash, peel, and cook the mandioca (yucca root)--we used the pressure cooker again.  (The fear of the pressure cooker is dissipating!)  We prepared all the chorizo, and then waited for the rest of the group to arrive.

The pastor presented a very clear & understandable explanation of the cross--how we use it wrong (as a fetish), and how we should view it: EMPTY & CONQUERED!

The "spread" for the chorizada: bread, chorizo, and mandioca

My neighbor Fatima, my friend Hilda, and two girls that came for the first time Saturday night

About half of the group is represented here, they were playing Jenga all evening long!

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