Saturday, July 16, 2011

A Pretty Busy Week

Last Sunday I was able to share with a Sunday school class of ladies at a nearby church. I really enjoy these ladies, and today (Saturday) was able to go out to lunch with about 20 of them. It was fun to get to see them twice in one trip! They are the precious ladies who have given the money to purchase a stove in a Paraguay. I told them I would hang this picture near the stove, so I would think of them when I used it!

The (almost) Two Year Old had his birthday party on Wednesday night while many of us were still around. He loves his musical cards, and we spent Wednesday evening and all day Thursday dancing around like fools. This boy has rhythm!

It was a pleasure to spend a couple more days with my nephew, and I'll treasure it for the next few years until I see him again! I'm so thankful for pictures, email, and Skype!

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