Thursday, May 12, 2011

An Update on the Truck

"My God is so BIG!
There's nothing my God cannot do,

We teach this song to our kids, and sing it quite often, but how often do we really believe it? We say we believe it, we talk like we believe it, but deep down inside, I wonder how many of us expect God to do big, mighty, and strong things for us? We expect Him to work in the lives of others, but our own?--not always.

This is the story of a Big God and a Little Accident:
Two weeks ago, I was in a small accident on wet roads. I tried my best to avoid the car that pulled across my path, but due to the wet roads it wasn't possible. I was very disappointed, because I planned to list my car for sale the very next day.
The next day, I called my insurance company, and they quickly sent me to talk to the other driver's insurance. They promised to send an estimator out as soon as possible. I expected this to take up to a week, especially because of the bad weather & tornadoes within the state of Missouri that week. But two days later the estimator was here! He also expected that the car would be totaled.
Friday (my accident was on the previous Sunday) the insurance company called, and said that they were sending out a check to cover the costs of the damages! They didn't total the car, and were paying me for 63% of what they estimated the car to be worth, which was more than I had thought. I was pretty excited about this, but now I would have to think about selling the car.
A few months ago, some friends offered to buy the car. They have a handful of boys, all mechanically inclined, who could help fix the car. At the time, the car was out of their price range, because it was still in good shape...but after the the car was in their price range! They decided to buy the car and told me to keep using it until I'm ready to leave Missouri.
"God Things" from this story:
1. God put the car in the price range of my friends.
2. God moved the insurance company to move quickly, since I'm leaving in less
than two weeks.
3. God provided the money I hoped to get out of my car, but didn't expect to
receive as much as I wanted.

Find a way to glorify God today in your own life!

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