Monday, September 20, 2010

Yay, It's the Weekend!

Many people get excited for the weekend, as a time of rest & favorite day? Tuesday--when my weekend is officially over! So, what went on this weekend? Let me show you:

Thursday night: Local high school volleyball game (one of the girls in my youth group plays)
Friday night: Local high school football game (it was pretty amazing, and worth going to, and the girl in the band from my youth group did great)

On Saturday nights I go to the Spanish church about 30 minutes away. (This week was BikeFest on the lake, which means church was 60 minutes away this week.) This week we recognized the leaders in the church, and established the specific roles each one of them has. It takes many members to make a healthy Body! We also honored our interim pastor for his time leading the church for the past two years. Church finished at 9PM, then we went to go have dinner in the fellowship hall!

Sunday morning, I went to English church at the same building, did Sunday school, church service, & lunched at Pizza Hut (& ran into an old friend from when I was a student here!) I got home just in time to show up late to a surprise birthday party--I figured, "surprise, I showed up!" worked just as well. Then I went home & rested my eyes for 8 minutes (did I mention it was a busy weekend?!) Then I got ready to go to a concert:
Matt Maher opened, & I was waiting for him to play more songs, so I didn't get a picture of him. This is Addison Road.

Tenth Avenue North--these guys were unbelievably hyper (I kept wondering how many CafPows they must have had before going on!) But they had some great things to say, and really spoke truth. We got home from the concert at midnight...

So this morning, I thought I'd try something new in Toddlers. Something I've loved for many years now, and thought maybe the kids would appreciate, too:

Yea. Right.
I laid down, and asked for a pillow: I got this blue "bottom of the slide" cushion...
Someone offered up a dolly...
I asked for a blankey...can you see the little piece of material on my feet?
I asked for a bottle, and got a dolly bottle...

Then came the ATTACK OF THE CWOCODILES MISS CARRIE!!! You should be afraid. You can probably tell from my face that the attack actually did hurt a bit--but I was also confused about "Is he red or white?" from one of the kids...and I happen to know that all our cwocodiles are gween...

Monday afternoon I was blessed to be able to spend over 3 hours talking in Spanish...and now...bedtime! A very early, and very welcome, bedtime.

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