Monday, August 03, 2009


Rous and I work together almost every day during the week, and I've missed her so much the past two weeks! Two weeks ago was VBS, and last week she got to go to youth camp with the youth from our church. I'm excited to hear about camp and what she learned.

A few weeks ago now, during the English half of our classes, I was quizzing Rous on the nouns she knows and a new topic: rooms in her house. We had a map, and if the noun on the card was in her house, she put the card in that room and said where it was.

"Do you have a piano?"
Table. Up. Highway.

Sometimes I wonder what I sound like in Spanish to a native listener, and I think this day I got my answer. The message gets across ("In the upstairs hallway on the table") but it's not proper, and a native would never say it that way. It was a reminder to hit all my vowels, get my tone right, and most importantly STRESS! Now that I've officially added four tenses, my stress on the word is very important. It can change the word I was to say from "I did it" to "I want him to do it"...Confusing? Yea, I get confused, too!

Thank you for your persistent prayers as I learn Spanish!

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Melissa said...

Yay, glad you have your friend back!