Sunday, August 09, 2009

New Verb Tenses

"He" and "They" in Subjunctive

This week I began doing verb drills to learn a new verb tense, present subjunctive. This week I was learning how to say "I want (you, him, them, us) to (subjunctive verb)." For example, in the picture above, "He" and "They" were doing what I wanted: sweeping, saying "hi", singing, holding hands, buying things, and many more actions. You may be able to tell, that by the end of the activity "They" had turned into the Three Blind Mice and were also firefighters!

Subjunctive is easy to form in Spanish, but there are over 15 ways to use it in natural speech! So the drills are to learn when to use it and to recognize it when I hear it. Please pray for me as I practice this new verb tense.

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Melissa said...

I'm afraid i'm not going to be a good language learner!

Hey, check out my blog to see that i can indeed make more than carrot sticks! =)