Sunday, June 21, 2009

La Fruteria

On Friday, my language helper Claudia and I went to a fruteria to take pictures for class--and by some fresh fruits and vegetables. It's more common to buy from a vender near your house than to go to a larger store, like Walmart (yes, we have 2 Walmarts in town!)

The purpose of the pictures is to get "action verbs", so here I am "squatting". I'll find out Monday how to say that in Spanish.

Most of the produce was outside the store. This picture will give me the term they use here in Mexico for checking a cantaloupe (or hopefully any produce!)

The owner was really great, and even posed for us when I paid too quickly for the picture. He was slightly confused at first when I tried to give him more money! He's definitely honest--he was so confused about the extra peso, which is why we're laughing.

So what did I buy?
4 Roma tomatoes
2 potatoes
2 avocados
4 bananas

What did it cost?
25 pesos

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