Saturday, June 06, 2009

A Healing and A Visit

Thirteen days later, my throat feels much better.  The scabs are practically all gone now, and there is very little pain.  Thank you so much for your prayers throughout the tonsillectomy and healing process!  I have one last doctor's visit in one week to check on the healed tissue.I'm grateful for all the visitors I had--Judit and her sister Sarai came to visit me on Tuesday to check on me and make sure I was eating enough popsicles!

My mom came on Saturday to visit me for a week.  What a blessing to have her come and experience where I live and what I do here in Mexico!  We went for two days to Creel, Mexico to see Copper Canyon, Cusarare Falls, and Basaseachi Falls.
Mom and I at Copper Canyon
Jason and Mom crossing the suspension bridge over a part of the canyon
A Tarahumara house near Cusarare Falls

We had a great time visiting, eating "mom food", and just being together!  Thanks for visiting, Mom!


Becky Aguirre said...

It was great to meet your Mom, so glad she could come!!!! I'm sure your time went by way too fast, though... :o

Melissa said...

That's neat. I'm so glad your mom got to visit!
I'm enjoying my own "mom food" this week!