Wednesday, January 07, 2009

Step 1: Warm-Up

This week & next, we are officially in "warm-up" stage.  This means that we're not speaking very much Spanish right now--mostly listening.  This is not difficult, as I am in a dorm with three Spanish speakers!  Our class schedule is sort of on a daily basis right now, so each day we figure out what the next will look like.  Warm-up is a time to become accustomed to new sounds and culture aspects, and to be willing to make mistakes.  (Email if you'd like to hear some fun mistakes...)  One student today said, "The peace of God has fried my brain!"  This is so true!!  My "normal" is to have my life planned out to the nth degree, yet this week, God has provided the peace to be in "warm-up."  Praise Him with me this week for His peace which DOES pass all understanding, continued good health, and good relationships with my dorm mates.  

For His glory,

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