Tuesday, February 06, 2007

The Idiomatic Story

Just when you think you know the English language...

The Idiomatic Story
Egbert is really beside himself, fit to be tied, hardly with it, practically off his rocker. If he doesn't get a hold of himself, he could lose his marbles or even kick the bucket.

Dig this: He'd been in the clouds hanging aroundt his wall flower but got himself in a stew when he stood her up and left her up in the air holding the bag. Besides having his bubble burst, he's in the dog house cuz she lost her cool, blew her stack and lowered the boom and told him he was a pain in the neck. Shre really let it fly and gave it to him with both barrells, no holds barred. She not only got his goat by spouting off at the mouth; it ground him to powder and he's lost heart, ready to throw in the towel.

But so what! No big deal! He's in no real pickle, just a little hot water. He should pull down the white flag and just hang in there, take it with a grain of salt, and not get all shook up over a little spilt milk. When she cools off he could even raise the roof himself, fly off the handle and tell her where to get off and set her straight. If he flew the coupe and really lived it up, put on the dog a bit and lived high on the hog, and showered her where it's at, then the light would down and she'd see she missed the boat and was up a creek without a paddle.

But no, he's all washed up, finished; he's shot, he's had it up to his ears. He reckons its water under the bridge. Athough he's not aiming to be a sitting duck for another slick chick, he's really not seen the light. He couldn't swallow the pill I gave him, just water off a duck's back. Instead of looking the bull straight in the eye, he'd rather crawl into his shell cuz he can't cut the mustard.

No skin off my back but I think that's for the birds.
Author Unknown (to me!)

Hope you enjoyed this, and if you understood it, it was worth it! Have a great day. :-)