Saturday, February 03, 2007


Anyone that new me well in high school is laughing right now! But I've discovered how much I love grammar. This is what our homework looks like. We take a sentence and tear the Structural form apart. This means I now know really well what Direct Object, Bi-Intransitive, Passive, and Relative Pronoun all mean. All the things that were frustrating in high school seem to come easier now. Could this be answers to our prayers? Just when I got comfortable with grammar like this, we were presented with this sentence:


Now, grammatically, this sentence is perfect, it has a noun, a verb, and a few adjectives. But what on earth does it mean?! Absolutely nothing! Now we are getting into Meaning rather than the Structure of grammar. Both are important when translating the Bible into a tribal language. Can you imagine if we had to read the following passage, because the translators didn't recognize the importance of the structure of our language?

God is the Lord Himself Know that
He who us has made it is
ourselves not
His people we are
His pasture the sheep of

We obviously rely on structure within our language! What if we forget meaning?

Apperceive that the Lord Himself is God
It is He who actualized us
and not we ourselves
We are His kinsmen
and the animals of His area.

Yea, meaning is definitely important, too! Thankfully, those who translated our English Bible took care to utilize their resources when it came to Meaning AND Structure:

Know that the Lord Himself is GOd
It is He who made us
And not we ourselves
We are His people
And the sheep of His pasture.
Psalm 100:3

Please pray for our class as grammar is the Achilles heel for many. Pray specifically that we would appreciate the struggles we have to go through--just think, in one moment at the Tower of Babel, God created over 6,000 languages with Structure and Meaning built into each one. Praise Him for His magnificence!

In Him,