Friday, September 22, 2006

What did you do on Thursday?

Consider your may have gotten up to breakfast, gone to work or school, come home to dinner, watch a little TV, and go back to bed. My day started off similarly, too. Breakfast, class, lunch...then, wait...INJECTION LAB?

This week we have begun Health and Wellness class. During this class we've been learning basic nutritional values, "Vector Control" (keeping away the raccoons, bats, and mosquitoes which carry diseases), various diseases around the world, and immunizations. This has been a very educational course so far. Especially our lab yesterday when we were taught how to administer an injection. If there is time over the next week, we'll also be taught how to suture a wound. Don't fear--we won't be creating the wound on another human...just a piece of chicken! :-)

Here are more pictures from yesterday:

My victim is my roommate and classmate, Sonya. I think I had previously told you about her hip surgery early in August. She is still recovering, but has had a rough week this week. Please pray that she will continue to be encouraged in the Lord and to see Him as her strength. It's hard for us to see her in pain!

Thank you for your prayers.