Tuesday, September 26, 2006

Done any sewing lately?

Last year, we were encouraged to learn how to sew if we did not already know. You may be wondering why? Imagine that you have a dirt bike on the field, or furniture in the tribe. What happens when, say, your dirt bike seat has a tear in it? Are you going to run to the store to buy a new Yamaha seat? That store could be days away. Next best solution: fix it yourself!

So this summer, I undertook the sewing. Or, rather, it undertook me. With the assistance of Ellen (Thanks!) I made two skirts and four pillows. And it WORKED! Since my sewing confidence had grown (believe me, I'd tried to sew in the past, only to fail) when I got here to Missouri I decided to sew a pillow for my mom:

Since I've mastered the art of pillows, they said I could move on to people. Or at least chicken leg--we had a suturing lab today! Our teacher demonstrated the steps for us, then led us through the steps. Here's a few pictures from today's lab:

We learned how to do two different stitches on our poor little chickie. A "deep stitch" is to be used when the muscle is cut, and a "skin stitch" is for surface lacerations. It was very informative, and I'm glad I had the experience!

Thanks for praying