Tuesday, May 30, 2006

"Home" from Jungle Camp

Jungle camp was a great two weeks. It was very rainy and cold for us for the first week, and the second dried up and got warm. Here are a few pictures from Jungle Camp.

This is my bedroom at jungle camp. I spent most of my nights in the hammock rather than the bed. :-)

We made "skillet pizza" in a cast iron over the campfire. We burnt the outside 1/4" of crust...and the inside was like soup! But we loved it, and the experience was worth it. :-)

We had three days of 8 hour study days...as you can see, it drove me to the rafters of the house!

I got to kill a chicken and skin it one day. I made her into sweet and sour chicken! Cooking can even be fun at jungle camp.

After two weeks of many campfires, "mallows" were still a treat!

Thanks so much for your prayers during my two weeks there! Now on to packing to drive to Louisiana!