Saturday, April 08, 2006

Spring Break

Over the past year while in training at New Tribes Missions Institute, I have learned so much about what I will be doing in the future. As I continue in my third of four years of training, I learn more each day about what the rest of my life will look like.

After graduating from New Tribes Language Institute in June 2007, I am anticipating being overseas in six to twelve months. Once arriving there, I will begin learning the national language. When I have reached a fluent level of that, I will be able to enter a tribal location with a church planting team.

Once in a tribe, I will begin language/culture acquisition in an animistic culture. I will be learning the language of a people group that has no form of written language. This may take as few as two years, but often lasts much longer. When fluent in this language and culture, our team will be able to begin teaching Bible lessons. These lessons will begin in Genesis and work through key Old Testament passages to the death, burial, and resurrection of Christ.

This only scratches the surface of tribal church planting as our team teaches our new brothers and sisters in Christ about their new relationship with God and each other.

Thank you for your prayers as I venture on this path!

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