Tuesday, April 25, 2006

Jungle Camp Preparations

Well, I am in full swing getting ready for Jungle Camp. It's hard to believe I am at this time of the year already! Seems like I just drove onto the campus...
Each Jungle Camp team was given five trees to slab and rip down to the size we needed to construct one jungle camp house. We are now at the point of "shipping" all our items up to Jungle Camp on the Farmall tractor. Each team (of roughly 7 people) is allowed six flights, each weighing 728 lbs--as a Cessna holds that weight. This includes wood, contruction materials and tools, electrical, plumbing, food, clothing, and toiletries for the two weeks. As you can see, we are being forced to plan ahead as will be necessary when flying into a tribe. This is such a fun time for me, though I am realizing the need for planning ahead! We will soon be finishing our houses, retarping the roofs of the ones already built, and putting on the walls and roof of the new house. Please pray for safety and patience as I learn how to do this! This is a picture of me ripping the old hole-y roof off!