Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Language Learning

Sometimes, language learning is great--you get to sit down with a language helper/friend and really get some solid study time in.  Hopefully this happens more often than not, but...well...sometimes life happens, too!  I've had many people ask over the years what it's here's a little idea of the past few weeks:

Sometimes language study means:
Getting in some study time with S
Learning how to talk and manage a classroom of children for VBS
Taking time to help with projects at church (paper-maché)
Taking a break with other language learners (9 in an SUV!--Kids, don't do this at home!)
Getting burnt out--like the smoking iron plug, which was being used as it smoked out of the wall.  I have a new iron now!
Almost always, it means going with the flow--at the laundromat, I am now "Carmen Martinez"

And, sometimes it means being sick and resting--therefore, not getting much language learning done at all--Day 5 of doctor-ordered rest.

As you can see, language learning is flexible!  Please pray that I'll have some good study time during the next two months.  At the end of September, I have another language evaluation, and I'm working really hard to be in level 7.  July has been a month with many extra-curricular activities at church, and I'm looking forward to some focused language study time. 

Thank you for your prayers! 

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Lisa said...

Hi Carmen! That is funny! I will be thinking of you as you approach another evaluation. Keep up the good work!